Children Frighten Me

Rambling Kori

Hey guys how is everyone doing today? I am doing great just at the library trying to study. I sit at a table that pretty big and accommodates 4 people. I sit here because I have my laptop and generally nobody sits next to me, thus it gives me the space to work using the entire table.

Across from me is a mother and her son probably between the ages of 10-13, I am not sure because all children look the same to me. Minus Nico, he’s special.

So the young lad is doing his homework I am presuming and his mother is reading. I am minding my business UNTIL I FEEL THE TABLE VIBRATE and I am like huh what the actual fuck, how is this vibrating? I come out of the study zone I am in and the boy is kicking the table.


His mother tells him to…

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