(2016) The Void

Year of Horror

There’s certain horror films that almost defy contemporary rules of narrative and this one is one of them. You’re trust into a world that only works if all the elements are in full gear to allow you to just go with it and this film is a perfect example of a film that does it successfully.

There’s so much influence here that it’s almost tiresome to mention. Tons of Hellraiser vibes, tons of Carpenter shit, tons of fucking whatever shit and an ending that pays homage to one of my favorite horror movie endings of all time, Fulci’s The Beyond (which isn’t a great movie just a dope ending).

The criticisms for this movie are stupid as fuck just panning through reviews. I mean, it has fucking critical aspects but for instance, the top comment on the /r/horror reddit discussion is about lack of body horror. I’ve never laughed so…

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