Event Horizon (Movie Review)

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The Event Horizon, a ship that went missing years ago, has turned up within Neptune’s orbit. A rescue mission is dispatched to investigate, but it is clear when they arrive that some strange shit has gone down. Now the rescue crew must face off against the evil on board that threatens to take their very souls.


The first thing that really jumped out at me was the impressive production design at work here. Everything had a polished Alien meets Hellraiser design to it and its something that I’ve never really seen before. I was quite taken with the set design, especially the gravitational core/gateway to hell. I also loved the costume design. The crew’s clothing and space suits were very reminiscent of the Nostromo crew from Alien, which is my favorite film of all time.

The best performance in the film, far and away, is Laurence Fishburne. Props…

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