Jennifer’s Body: Are friendships forever?

When I saw this I thought it was going to be stupid. Then I ended up kinda liking it.

Horror and Male Victims


This movie takes a turn with female sexuality and demons. I have to admit this movie wasn’t one of my movies but the messages in the film were very clear and affective. In my opinion I felt that the humor that was trying to fit in made it less successful and it felt forced to me. The comedic lines were misfitting and I didn’t find them necessary. This movie is a virgin ritual gone wrong.


Basically, the movie is set in a typical high school with Jennifer being the center of attention. It is evident that there is sexual desire and Jennifer “feeds” off the attention she gets. There is a band playing in town and Jennifer and her friend “Needy” go to the concert. Before the actual concert Jennifer meets up with the band and they discuss about how Jennifer would be “perfect” because they assume she is a…

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