Sci-Fi New Releases

Good finds, I didn’t know about any of these.

The Library

March and April had been a pretty exciting for the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. Sci-Fi Corner would like to highlight a handful of very intriguing works to bring readers through the warmer months of Spring.


Kim Stanley Robinson, one of the leading authors of speculative science fiction to this date for his Red Mars series, displays his vivid imagination of the possible the futuristic New York 2140. As the title may suggest, the story is set in New York City some 123 years in the future. The world, affected by global shifts that have made the state nothing more than an aquatic corporate paradise of sorts, has provided a stage for survivors to adapt to the changes. Buildings are now connected with adjoining causeways, offices have been transformed into residential areas, and everything is watched under rigid surveillance. In this utopia, capitalism has paved way…

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