Writing is Difficult, and the Many New Drafts of Book 3

Sarah L. Newcastle

I know that when you’re reading a really good book, it can seem like the story came together effortlessly. Like the author just sat at their computer one day (or typewriter, if it’s an old book) and magically tapped the whole thing out by hand in one setting. Indeed, there are probably a bunch of authors out there who would prefer you imagine this telling of events, but too bad! Because I’m here to burst your bubble.

Every single author I’ve ever spoken with, or read any of their “behind-the-scenes” information, has had difficulty writing a really good book. How much difficulty really depends on the author, how much experience they have, what book they’re writing (or trying to), how much they really care about that book (and if they’re not just writing it to make mom/friends/critics happy), etc. But every single decent book out there was damn difficult for…

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