Horror Tropes in Alien

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alien 1979

I have said this before, to me Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic Alien is much more a horror movie set in space, than scary science fiction show or even an example of the  subgenre of horror/sci-fi. Today I am going to demonstrate that by going over the horror tropes used in the movie.

What is a trope, you ask? I am glad you asked, a trope is a metaphor used to explain something. In storytelling it is a building block of a story. Plots are the overarching narrative of a story, a trope is the nuts and bolts of the story. Examples are, he damsel in destress, the comedy relief, or the evil empire. Like all genres horror has its own set of specialized tropes.

Whenever I see a movie I rush home and look it up in the awesome website TV Tropes (formally TV Tropes and Idioms). I love that…

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