A Lovecraft Reading List for Beginners: Part II .

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Tales of lovecraft

Different people have different opinions on how involved Lovecraft was in the creation of the Cthulhu Mythos. Some people say he purposely and skillfully created one of the world’s first shared universes, others think he was just to polite to tell people not to use his ideas. The truth is probably somewhere between the two extremes. He differently did encourage his inner circle to use some of his creatures and forbidden tomes in their writings, but how open he was to this whole Mythos concept isn’t clear.

We are also dealing with two different concepts, The Cthulhu Mythos and Lvecratian tropes. The CM has become the shared universe that has been developed from HPL’s original writings. It is built on cosmic entities and ancient books, that were created or inspired by Lovecraft. LT’s are the concepts that Lovecraft espoused, cosmicism, the bleak New England landscape, the amorality of the universe…

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