Why More Lovecraft?

Dave's Corner of the Universe


There will be an increase in H.P. Lovecraft post here at DCotU. Why? You might ask. Ratings. After about two and half years of posting blogs I get 12-20 a day hits by search engines. And 6-10 are for the post, Is the Cthulhu Mythos real? And about 3-6 hits on other Lovecraft posts. So it makes sense that the blog will become more Lovecraft-centric.

Now that doesn’t mean that I will be dropping other type of posts and stop writing about other subjects. If I have to be pigeon holed, well there are worst subjects to be associated with. I do not claim to be the Lovecraft scholar that S.T. Joshi, Robert M. Price or Sandy Peterson are, but among my peers it is pretty much assumed that I am Cthulhu Mythos expert in the group. I have also done much research on the subject and have much to…

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